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Home Addition and Remodeling Process

Laughlin Builders, LLC not only builds new homes, but will remodel your existing home. This includes additions, basements, kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor living spaces or any room that doesn’t presently meet your needs. If you currently are living at a location you love, but in a home that no longer meets your needs, then building an addition or remodeling an existing space may be your answer.

We will meet with you to discuss all of your options. Each home has a unique style, layout and lot size. Our goal is to take your current living situation and incorporate all of your wants and needs into a new design. We pride ourselves on building additions that not only look fantastic, but also appear to be part of the original design.

The steps to design an addition/remodel a home

1. Initial Meeting
During our initial meeting we take time to listen and find out who you are and how we can best serve you by discussing the basics of your dream home (e.g. size, style and budget).

2. Design and Budget Meeting
After learning about your home addition or remodeling needs we will help you design the area to suit your needs and lifestyle as well as develop a budget for the project. If you have not done so already this is a good time to develop a relationship with a lender. We are always happy to refer new customers to lenders that have proven to provide quality service.

3. Design Process
We will begin designing your addition / remodel. Typically, we create a preliminary design and then meet with you to see if everyone is headed in the same direction. As the design process continues, there will be consistent communication via email, telephone and personal meetings until we have completed your approved home design.


4. Finalizing Costs, Specifications and Agreement
Once we have your approval on a final plan, we work to develop final job costing, specifications and contract preparations.

5. Permitting and Financing
After all the documents are finalized, and we have received verification from your lender for financing, we submit for your building permit.

6. Selections
Before construction begins you will meet with our designer to choose all of your finishes and product selections.

7. Commencement of Construction
Once we have your building permit, lender approval, and selections, construction begins! You will be working with our designer Terry and will meet with her weekly to discuss progress and finalize item selections that need discussed for that week's progress. She or Jerry will be your point of contact throughout the building process.

8. Construction Process
With remodeling and additions, you live there and will see progress daily. Any questions you have should be directed to your Project Manager Monday through Friday during regular business hours.

9. Final Walk-Through
Within one week of your home's completion you will walk through the house with your Project Manager. At that time, you will review all workmanship and mechanicals. We want to be sure everything is in order and you are completely satisfied.

10. Warranty Follow-Up
Throughout the following year we will continue to be available to you for any warranty issues you may have. Our goal is that you are cared for not only during the construction process, but also in the months and years to follow.

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