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     I just wanted to express my sincerest appreciation for the superb job that you did on our recent construction project. First and foremost, I want to thank the two of you for even agreeing to take on this job. Itís safe to say that six months ago I was beginning to wonder whether I had indeed made a huge mistake in purchasing this home as it had increasingly become a significant source of stress for Lesley. I certainly know from personal experience that it is not at all easy to be placed into a position where you have to try and correct someone elseís mistakes. I had every confidence in you after watching the two of you assess the problem and formulate a plan. Secondly, Lesley and I could not be more pleased with the quality of the workmanship or with the professionalism of your company throughout the entire project especially since you had to deal with more than you had initially imagined. Our house is much more sound-proof and Iím sure will prove to be much more energy efficient as well. We no longer have any worries of water leakage even following several of the severe rainstorms that we have experienced over the past several weeks. Our neighbors were not at all inconvenienced during the construction and I think itís safe to say that all of them are equally impressed with the quality of work. There seems to be uniform agreement that the new IPE decks are stunning.

     I have recommended your company to a number of other Physicians in town and will continue to do so as I firmly believe that Laughlin Builders offers the finest product/services in this area.

With kindest personal regards,
Dr. Gerald G.


Thanks so much for your prompt service. It is truly appreciated. We also appreciate you willingness not to charge us for the repairs made. We are most willing to pay for your services and Joe's in this regard. If you would like to bill us, please send a bill to my office.

It is nice to know that there are contractors out there who do good work, take pride in their work, and try to do right by their customers.

Your efforts are appreciated.
Tom K.

Dear Dan & Jerry,

Laughlin Builders provided the quality, uniqueness of design and superior craftsmanship we were looking for when it was time to build our dream home. We are delighted with the finished product and pleased with the customer service, even after we moved into our home.

Lisa and Kevin M.


Jerry & Dan,

Laughlin Builders recently built my home. As first time home builders, we found Jerry and Dan extremely easy to work with and helpful with suggestions. We found our new home to be all that we hoped for and more. The craftsmanship of the custom oak trim was exceptional. They addressed any questions even after we moved into our home.
Sam C.

Dan & Jerry,

We are a past customer, but we would be again if we were ever to build.

Our home is very well built and ever so beautiful!

What we liked most about Dan & Jerry was their honesty. If something could be done it was but if not they took the time to say why. Their team of workers worked on our house as if it were their own!

We could hardly wait each day to go over and see what was done. At the end of each day the house was cleaned as much as could be.

Their men are first class in all they do.

If you want a great house have Laughlin Builders. We can't say enough good about them.

Thank you Dan and Jerry
Will & Emma P.

Dear Dan and Jerry:

When we wanted to build a new home, and after looking at many spec homes and models that were being built at the time, we made the decision to have Laughlin Builders construct our home. The reasons were many but more specifically we were impressed with the quality of your homes, especially with the attention to detail in the finished woodwork area.

Our home was somewhat unusual in design, and you were very enthusiastic and confident in your ability to complete the project to our satisfaction.

We could not be happier with our home and would make the same choice again if we decided to do it all over again today. Thank you!

Most Sincerely,
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis U.

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